John Erasmus Storyboards

Some storyboard artists draw your ideas, John improves on them!
Yousaf Ali Khan, Director Almost Adult, Giantland
John helped me out with a tricky sequence; his response was both imaginative and meticulous and created a stunning opening to the film
Sally Wainwright, Director Happy Valley, To Walk Invisible
John is quick, inventive and a great collaborator. His boards are emotional as well as great pictures, Sometimes he added in stuff, which stayed in!
Kenny Glenaan, Director Summer, Yasmin, Paranoid
When I get a job it's not the DP I ask for first. Nor the designer. It's John Erasmus. Quite simply no one takes what I have in my mind and renders it better than John.
Mark Tonderai, Director Dr Who, Gotham, Black Lightning, The Five, Lucifer