John is quick, inventive and a great collaborator. His boards are emotional as well as great pictures. Sometimes he added in stuff, which stayed in!
Kenny Glenaan Director Summer, Yasmin, Paranoid

John Erasmus

Some storyboard artists draw your ideas, John improves on them!
Yousaf Ali Khan, Director Almost Adult, Giantland
John’s storyboards hit multiple sweetspots: they clearly illustrate how a given scene should be shot; they’re detailed enough for all your creative collaborators to understand your intentions; and on top of that they’re beautifully artful.
Carlton Cuse Screenwriter/Producer/Director Lost, Colony, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
John helped me out with a tricky sequence; his response was both imaginative and meticulous and created a stunning opening to the film.
Sally Wainwright Director Happy Valley, Gentleman Jack
When I get a job it's not the DP I ask for first. Nor the designer. It's John Erasmus. Quite simply no one takes what I have in my mind and renders it better than John.
Mark Tonderai, Director Dr Who, Gotham, Black Lightning, The Five, Lucifer